Cradle Robbers and Robbed

Cradle Robbers and Robbed

What Miley, Paris, George Hamilton & Peter Cook have in common.

Age ain't nothing but a number if no one's counting. But we are.

Yesterday George Hamilton disgusted EVERYONE when he discussed his new book… and his affair with his 28-year-old stepmother, on The View. As if this wouldn't be juicy enough for Barbara and crew, (after all, the man is nearly 70) Hamilton revealed that he was a prepubescent 12-years-old when the relationship commenced. Well, that's a smidge creepier than his ever-persistent tan. Hamilton says he wasn't molested and he'd be down for it again. Again? Again! Remind me again how we define "wrong" if it has nothing to do with a minor and 16 years age difference. Hey, why let the law, your parent's marriage, or dare-I-say age stop you? Ewe.

But don't worry, Georgie-boy, you're not the only one in Hollywood who's dated outside of your decade.

Miley Cyrus, 15, is dating a somewhat older man. A few years short of legal, this wild child was seen licking her lips at her boyfriend, twenty-year old Model Justin Gaston, who blew her kisses from the runway during a fashion show.

Just when we thought Peter Cook, 47, hit his all-time low, having lost custody of his kids and slinking out of his marriage to Christie Brinkley with a measly $2.1 million dollar divorce settlement, Page Six  has confirmed rumors of a circulating sex tape starring Mr. Cook and his teen office worker Diana Bianchi. Bianchi, who was only 18-years-old at the time of the affair, received $300,000 from Cook in a legal settlement that bought her silence and prevented her from filing a likely sex-harassment lawsuit. Bianchi's lawyer told The Post that he's weighing his client's legal options in light of the video.

Overseas, The Daily Mail reports that Paris Hilton, 27, has actually succeeded in snagging (or snogging?) a prince. William? Nope. Harry? Nah. She was shunned by both. Try Prince Michael of Kent. Born in 1942, Prince Michael is about a dozen years older than Paris's dad! The couple met a society party for art collector Janet de Botton. Paris reportedly looked "enchanted" to meet the Prince, and we're hoping this first impression is as far as the relationship will go.


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