Harry Potter's Deflowering Discussed

Harry Potter's Deflowering Discussed
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Daniel Radcliffe discusses losing his V-Card in Details.

That's weird, we'd think the boy wizard would somehow lose his powers if some nymph tricked him out of his essence. There goes that theory. Daily Mail is reporting (from a Details article) that a Daniel Radcliffe had his V-Card punched on his 16th birthday by a much older woman. Evidently, that is customary in the British Isles (the 16th b-day boffing, not necessarily the older woman) because the age of consent is, you guessed it, 16. Which could explain their appeal to American women given that American dudes drop their cherry more often around 17 and that 1 year could be pretty important.

Daniel Radcliffe refuses to say how much older the broad is but he implies it would 'freak people out.' Oh God, what if it was Helen Mirren or Dame Judy Dench (like when Tom Jones took Elvira's virginity)? Or what if she was only like a pedestrian 9 years older and not even a cougar at all, just a huge fan of JK Rowling's adolescent magician series of books. Or maybe this whole thing is a put-on because it’s the exact same thing that happened in an episode of Ricky Gervais' brilliant but ended Extras. Daniel Radcliffe tries to put it down on every woman on set in that episode. He even claims to have "done it before," "intercoursewise." Well done, little warlock.

And just in case you missed it on the London theatre, the younger, white, British D'Angelo will be getting buck-ass in a Broadway theatre soon in Equus.