Hugh Grant & Cameron Diaz Back Out There

Hugh Grant & Cameron Diaz Back Out There

Hugh Grant and Cameron Diaz appear have solid, new relationships.

Before we start anything crazy, we'd like to point out that Hugh Grant and Cameron Diaz are NOT dating each other, though that would actually make a lot of sense. Someone ring their people.

According to Now Magazine, Hugh Grant is dating someone new. He's been seen with a 27 year-old former model and current It Girl designer called Catherine Fulmer. Hugh Grant is 47, though could easily pass for 45 with his boyish wit/charm. Evidently, the 2 were seen at a few fashion-y events in Long Island's the Hamptons. We believe that Paul McCartney met his current lady (Nancy Shevell) out in the Hamptons. Maybe it would be a good spot for Phil Collins to rebound. Seriously, where else in America could a nice Englishman find a proper girl (outside of the major cities, beaches, plains, wetlands, deserts, farmlands, suburbs, and mountains)? Hugh Grizz has been out of the news for a while, has he dated anyone since the Jemima Khan era? Follow up question: How much do you know about Jemima Khan? A) Despite her name she is white. B) She has lived a crazy life, next time around we want to be London socialites.

Speaking of dating ups and downs, it appears the Cameron Diaz – Paul Sculfor thing is more or less true. We'd had our doubts because pretty much they'd only been seen making out a few times and then there was a breakup rumor or something. But, according to The Mirror, the 2 were spotted at the US Open. Sure Andy Roddick rolled over opponent Fernando Gonzalez (6-2, 6-4, 6-1) but it was Love – Love in the bleachers (ugh). You may best know Paul Sculfor as the one-time paramour of Jennifer Aniston. And you may know Cameron Diaz as a serial dater and 1 of the highest paid actresses in Hollyweird. American men clearly have some work to do if they're going to keep these carpet bagging British entertainers from scooping up all of our greatest natural resource. We would have though Jason Bourne would have been a match for James Bond. We have to invest some money in developing more charming regional accents.