Gay Prisoners May Want To Marry

Gay Prisoners May Want To Marry

California's gay marriage has a few new wrinkles.

And then society unraveled? According to the LA Daily News, prison officials are drawing up plans get California's prisons in line with the state's gay marriage law. While no prisoners have decided to test the law, the department of corrections is a forward-thinking outfit and want to be ready for anything.

Presently, the thinking is that the prisoners ought to be able to marry non-inmates not fellow cons. The thought is that inmates could be coerced by a physically superior inmate into getting into a wedding that they want no part of. And can lose some portion of their assets without a prenup. It would be a short honeymoon, indeed. Prison officials have also discussed banning prison chaplains from performing any marriage rites, either hetero or homo in nature. They claim that this will free chaplains from having to get into any morally sticky situations regarding their stance on gay marriage. This would make the California gay prison marriage rhubarb mirror what they have going on in Massachusetts.

We wonder what prison officials in the South and Midwest would think of all this. We do know that it would make a pretty interesting episode of Oz. It could be the Sam and Diane moment for Beecher and Schillinger.

Enjoy this scene from The Ten. Not safe for work. Someone should come up with an acronym for that.