Relationships Are Like Politics

Relationships Are Like Politics
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Sarah Palin's pregnant daughter reminds us that family matters.

You probably heard that news that John McCain's VP nominee Sarah Palin has a seventeen-year-old daughter, Bristol, who is pregnant and plans to marry the father. In today's New York Times there's a piece with the headline, "In Political Realm "Family Problem" Emerges as Test." Swap in the word "relationship" instead of "political," and you could be describing the experience of meeting your significant other's family.

The questions in both the political and relationship realms are these: How much is someone's family a reflection of them, and should your lover's clan influence the decisions you make about him or her?

In the relationship realm, someone's family probably isn't a make or break issue, but the way your partner handles this connection is key. Does he protect you from a verbally abusive mother-in-law? Does he help you understand his family's culture?

In Sarah Palin's case the question is about how she handles her daughter's pregnancy. A Republican strategist quoted in the Times said that, "When you combine the special-needs infant with the pregnant teen, some voters might wonder why she is pursuing political ambitions at the expense of maternal or family responsibilities." Bu, as the New Hampshire Republican chairman pointed out, "there is no such thing as the perfect candidate," just as there's no such thing as a perfect spouse.

Politicos, including Barack Obama, have said that a politician's family life should be private, some voters, like girlfriends and boyfriends, can't help but take a person's family into account, even if they don't want to.


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