The Palin Marriage: Fact & Fiction

The Palin Marriage: Fact & Fiction

Sarah Palin hunts; eats caribou and... catches bigger fish than her hubby?

Check it out: Huffington Post has a photo gallery and a bio of Sarah Palin, John McCain's newly anointed VP running mate. She's a former beauty queen who is currently serving her first term as governor of Alaska.

We'll learn more about Palin's marriage in a Tango feature next month, so for now we'll present some fact and speculation based on HuffPo's post.

Fact: Palin married her high school sweetheart, Todd, and the two danced together at the Alaska Governor's Inaugural Ball this past January.

Speculation: As they were dancing Palin whispered, "Honey, that's inappropriate! Does my power turn you on?"

Fact: Palin likes to hunt and fish and she eats caribou.

Speculation: Her affinity for "manly" activities helps hold the Palin marriage together, although the spousal competition gets tough when Palin catches bigger fish than her husband.

Fact: Palin won the Miss Wasilla competition but failed to clinch the Miss Alaska crown.

Speculation: Todd Palin loves that his wife is a former beauty queen, and they sometimes role play Beauty Queen and the Beast.

Click over to HuffPo for photos of the VP nominee, and check out Tango this September for complete coverage of both the Palin and Biden marriages.