Scoring (at) the Denver Convention

Scoring (at) the Denver Convention

Who got laid during the Democratic Convention? Tango investigates.

Sex." alt="Convention Sex." src="https://www.yourtango.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/08/convention-sex-230.gif" />The Democratic convention ended last night, so we thought we'd check in to see if conventioneers got nookie in the mile high city. And what better place to find out than the online repository of fantasy, cock shots and misspellings: Craig's List Denver. Below, a sampling of political booty-hunters, a rating of their post, and our guess about the likelihood that they scored.

Republican with a big one looking for cry baby NObama gal
Grade: C. "I can make you scream 'George Bush! George Bush!' and then reduce you to a monosyllabic, quivering mess wishing for a Hummer." Is that a double entendre?
Lay Likelihood: 30%. You get points for not posting a picture of your penis, but screaming "George Bush" is not our bag.

Gentleman available
Grade: B+. You seem like a very nice man.
Lay Likelihood: 20%. Because you don't want sex! You just want "to sample the post-acceptance-speech chaos downtown" with "no expectations," which is very sweet.

Cute Latina Young Democrat in town!!
Grade: B. Like that you're a lady looking for some CL love, but be careful, sister--Craig's got some weird friends.
Lay Likelihood: 95%. Your post is short, sweet and to the point. Plus, you're a woman.

Dinner on 16th st (on me) Obama speech tickets (on you)
Grade: A-. You had us at "I'm a social studies teacher" and you sealed the deal with "write me and make me compose an essay for you."
Lay Likelihood: 75%. If we were there it could be 100%...

Check back next week for RNC sex scoring!