Princess Di's Wedding Cake Auctioned

Princess Di's Wedding Cake Auctioned

A cake slice from the 1981 wedding of Diana and Charles went for good money.

Morbid much? According to Reuters, the wedding cake of Princess Diana (the People's Princess) and Prince Charles (the guy with the ears and the rascally sons) was auctioned off for a boot-load of money. The cake slice, marzipan base and all, was sold for about $1,800. And before you get too riled up, there were 23 official cakes from the wedding and this 1 was given to a servant, we're guessing a scullery maid or something.

The cake was the possession of a Moyra Smith and included a signed thank you card from Charles and Di. Mrs. Smith died last month and her wishes included selling the cake with proceeds to go to charity. Fair enough. When asked if it was easy to move this item, the auctioneer said it was a piece of cake (he didn't say that).

This veneration of Princess Di borders on fetish (on the fetish side, not the healthy side). Maybe she is "the last princess," but is it really reasonable to purchase knockoff wedding gowns and 27-year old wedding cake crumbs? As celeb obsessed as we are on this side of the pond, it's probably a blessing that we don’t have actual royalty. Can you imagine how crazy we'd go about a Princess sex tape over here? The closest we've seen was that 'French-type' film that may have been Marilyn Monroe giving someone (a Kennedy?) oral sex. "And the candle burned out long before the legend ever did."