The Museum of Sex Combines Sex and Politics

museum of sex debate
Buzz, Self

The New York Museum of Sex shows the Presidential debate.

Sex and politics? Although the combination may sound strange, the two controversial subjects met yesterday at the New York Museum of Sex.

The third presidential debate aired last night on every news network and also on screens inside the museum. AFP reports that, "The session of naked politics took place in a hall where dozens of TV screens only minutes earlier had been filled with quite a different kind of nudity."

Approximately 200 New York democrats piled in the building to catch the heat between Obama and McCain. The liberal crowd was bound to be distracted by the provocative exhibitions surrounding the space. There was one display featuring the sex lives of panda bears and the whiptail lizard, and there was another exhibition that featured some interesting sexual inventions, which included: whips, an object that resembled a dentist's chair, and a very realistic-looking penis.

Now, we're not sure if viewers were forced to duck in order to avoid being struck by the life-like penis, but whatever the case, they managed to stay focused. Loud boos were given to McCain and cheers were shared for Obama. For some reason, we are not surprised.