Duchovny and Leoni's Secret Separation

Duchovny and Leoni's Secret Separation

Duchovny and Leoni have actually been separated for months.

"Sometimes, it's best not to get involved in the affairs of others."--Hank Moody.

Ah, wise words from David Duchovny's beloved character Hank Moody, the cynical son-of-a-bitch he portrays on Showtime's hit series, Californication. Unfortunately, I'm going to have to avoid this sage advice and poke my nose into David Duchovny's and Tea Leoni's personal matters. Sorry, Moody.

According to The Superficial, who got their inside scoop from trustworthy source, People Magazine, Duchovny and Leoni have secretly been separated for months. *Gasp*! And we thought everything was dandy with the couple, despite Duchovny being treated for sex addiction in September and rumors of a romance between Billy Bob Thornton and Tea Leoni. (Quite an odd pair, if I don't say so myself.) Allegedly, Duchovny and Leoni didn't want to make the separation public because they were trying to protect their children. Fair enough.

The two have been married for 11 years and have two children together, Madelaine West, 9 and Kyd, 6. We hope they can work it out because we can't bare the thought of Tea sporting a vile of Billy Bob's blood around her neck. Gross.


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