David Duchovny Becomes Hank Moody

David Duchovny Becomes Hank Moody
Heartbreak, Sex

Now Duchovny has a sex addiction too.

Anyone out there love it when life imitates art? Or when an actor sort o plays the version of himself that he'd love to be and then sort of becomes that guy (hey, it's Adrian Grenier everybody)? It looks like, per The Insider, that David Duchovny has entered that phase of his life, career, and relationship and is seeking treatment for sex addiction.

We suppose it could be worse. Instead of emulating his character Hank Moody from Showtime's Californication, he could have turned into The X-Files' Fox Mulder. Liking sex even liking sex a lot is understandable. People can relate. Sure, your buddies might not trust you around their wives but alien abduction fantasies and supernatural conspiracy theories will probably get you thrown off of your tennis team. We've heard that there is debate about whether sex addiction exists. Seems like a no-brainer, right? Just as a refresher, compulsive sex without pleasure is nymphomania in women and satyriasis in the dudes (note: nymphs and satyrs are both mythological, nature-based seducers and intercourse enthusiasts).

Here's hoping that David Duchovny is off to a swift recovery but where this story makes a bit of a lefty for us is in a Radar article from a little over a week ago. They were curious why Tea Leoni (David Duchovny's wife) would help roadie a concert for Billy Bob Thornton's band, In Front Of God And Everybody*. Turns out they were in a movie together and she digs the smooth, southern vocal stylings of one William Robert Thornton. But as they went down the "rabbit hole" of interweb research they found a crazy world of blogging, minutia, and David Duchovny-Tea Leoni. It's really worth a look, evidently some REAL fans of Duchovny-Leoni saw this sex addiction admission coming. So, is it worse to be stalked by paparazzi or obsessive fans? The truth is out there.

*Note: We think that was a line from The Apostle, Thornton's band may be called The Boxmasters, we can't be sure.