Angelina and Brad to Adopt Again

 Angelina and Brad to Adopt Again

The star revealed adoption plans and other details this morning on NBC’s Today

US Magazine reports that Angelina Jolie revealed plans to adopt again during an interview this morning with Matt Lauer, stating that she and partner Brad Pitt are waiting until their new twins are at least six months old.  She went on to say that the kids are used to additional children coming home from the hospital, saying, “Mad's like the professional big brother, he's done it so many times...They play with them, they change their diapers, they call them their babies, and they dress them up and you know, they have fun with them.”  She and Brad evidently only disagree when it comes to letting the kids sleep with them, saying, “At the end of the day, they’re so cute, we let them in!”

I can’t imagine how healthy this is for your children being “used to” new siblings showing up at any given moment.  Nor can I understand how a couple who have only been together about three years can have a truly stable love relationship when they’ve added five children in their short tenure together and intend to have more come in.  When do they have time alone?  When do they have time to nurture what’s between the two of them without changing diapers, feedings and other challenges facing new parents?  With six children under the age of seven, I’m not sure adding more children on top of their rapidly-expanding family could be good for their relationship, much less the well-being of their kids.

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