Chris Brown & Rihanna House Hunt

Chris Brown & Rihanna House Hunt

These 2 just friends reportedly check out the Sierra Tower.

Our full title was "Chris Brown and Rihanna house hunt, as friends,' because clearly they are not dating. Honestly, just friends go for late night food, friends hang out, friends listen to "Endless Love" in the dark*, friends sometimes go swimming and kiss, friends sometimes have mothers who think they're dating, some friends look for houses to move into together, and, most importantly, friends tell people they're not dating.

According to Digital Spy, these friends, Rihanna and Chris Brown, want to move in together and have seen a few properties in Sierra Tower in Beverly Hills. While most friends that we know who move in together do move into apartments or condos, we sort of expected these friends to think about a swimming pool or a backyard or something. A bunch of celebs (and no stupid photogs with their stupid cameras) live in the Sierra (remember Matthew Perry? Hmmm?). And we heard that it's the tallest building (from sea level) in greater Los Angeles. What? Friends like unobstructed views of beautiful, romantic, friendly sunsets too.

*Note: This 1 is on Adam Sandler's Happy Gilmore, we wouldn't suggest anyone listen to "Endless Love" in the dark or light with a friend or lover.