Clooney Wants No Kids

george clooney

To complement his bachelor life, he also doesn't want any kids.

It looks like Bachelor4Life, George Clooney, is also going to remain on the no-kid train. This based on a quote on ContactMusic from the dapper actor, "I couldn't do what Brad and Angie are doing. I wouldn't have the patience or dedication you need to take care of a family. I admire those qualities in other people but it's not for me."

Brad, and we can only assume he meant Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, must have heard that little sound bite and thought, "Real f*ckin' funny, *sshole." At any rate, we’re sure that interviewers and paps and general media inquiry has prodded George Clooney to answer a lot of questions about his life and lifestyle but is this bachelor bit getting a little tired? It’s almost like he’s dying for people to tell him what a great dad he'd be, you know? It's like Al Gore not wanting to run for president, you almost get the sense that he sort of wanted to run but only if some sort of grass roots campaign "drafted" him. Same goes for Brett Favre. It's like he really wanted to play again for the Pack but only if they begged him.

With all this no kids / bachelor talk, it's a little surprising that George Clooney hasn't ever had to contend with gay rumors. Never mind, he sweats High Karate and pisses Chianti, no worries there, Rock Hudson. It looks like Clooney is going strong on his wager with Michelle Pfieffer and we won't have any lantern-jawed, salt-and-peppered little shavers running around anytime soon. The real trick is if he's gotten a vasectomy yet, mostly no going back after that.

Enjoy The State's Louie for an idea of what we mean with the Clooney-Gore-Favre comparison: