Mariah in Bed With a Model on Video

Mariah in Bed With a Model on Video

Nick Cannon struggles to direct wife Mariah's pretend sex scenes.

We're willing to wager that nine times out of ten, you couldn't pay a person to walk in on their spouse in bed with another person. For rapper/actor Nick Cannon and wife Mariah Carey, it's a whole different story.

While directing Mariah's newest video which includes a love scene with a man other than her husband, Cannon reportedly "struggled" Who can blame him?

Cannon should take the blame for his failure to anticipate the trauma of watching his partner pretend to do the dirty with a model while making the promo for "I Stay In Love". Er, what exactly did he expect?

Cannon says: "We did it in, like, one take and I had to kick the dude out. It was one of those situations where I wasn't intimidated but I could've knocked him out at any point. He was playing, like, a fictional character, but I could have done without it."

Wonder if Cannon squirmed on set as much as he did on MTV News when he was asked about his relationship with Mariah less than a month before he and Mariah were secretly married?

Hm. Anyway, Cannon loved working with his wife on the video: "We had no beef at all," he says. No kidding…


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