What's In a Wedding Ring?

What's In a Wedding Ring?
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Beyoncé's new song "Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)" sends a mixed message.

Beyoncé's new single, "Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)," features lyrics imploring men to "put a ring on it" but "Don’t treat me like things of this world/I’m not that kind of girl."

Well, color me confused. Which is it? You don't want to be objectified, but you do need to be adorned and are OK being referred to as an "it"? Despite an odd video (what's with the robot-like glove on her left hand?), this song does hit on some good relationship themes, but ultimately sends men—if they're taking B's words to heart—a mixed message.

The song is about a guy seeing his ex at a club dancing with someone else. He obviously feels jealous and regretful while the lady feels victorious for finally being over said guy ("cried my tears, three good years/Ya can’t be mad at me"). It's a celebration of being a single, carefree woman who's overcome a bad breakup, yet there is an undertone of women being at the whim of men, waiting for him to mark his territory with a "ring." If she wanted to get married that badly, why not propose to him?

Music expert and single blogger Rajul gives this "sassy" song a thumbs-up. In spite of some questionable lyrics, the girl power anthem category can always use a catchy new addition.


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