Olympics + Archery = Engagement

Olympics + Archery = Engagement

South Korean archers Park Kyung-mo & Park Sung-hyun won Gold and each other.

Heeeeey. More Olympic love stories. This time 'round, it's the South Koreans getting down to business. According to Reuters the top South Korea male, Park Kyung-mo, and female, Park Sung-hyun, archers announced their engagement at the closing of the 29th Olympiad. The couple both took home Golds in the archery. The pair met while training and evidently hit. It. Off. In the last 2 Olympic games the pair has combined for 5 Golds and 2 Silvers, helping South Korea dominate the bow-and-arrow game like the US dominates, uh, (cue crickets) basketball?

Clearly, the corollary of Park Kyung-mo is Robin Hood but history's most famous female archer is probably Park Sung-hyun. So, suck it, Maid Marian. It's fortuitous for Sung-hyun that she could find another South Korean with the surname Park. This will save them a trip to the dreaded Seoul DMV.

Congrats on finding each other, we suggest that you steer your kids away from archery as a career. Asian parental pressure is tough enough.

We ran a feature on Matthew and Katerina Emmons. The 2 are Olympic shooters (rifles) that met during the 2004 games. We cannot wait for a third shooting event to give us an Olympic couple so it's officially a trend and not a coincidence. Any thoughts on why shooting stuff with bullets or arrows gets people together? Is it that it's 1 of the few events that men and women are basically equal? Thoughts?