Sheridan & Bolton: Over

Sheridan & Bolton: Over

It's a broken engagement for Nicollette Sheridan and Michael Bolton.

According to EvilBeetGossip (and they have some interesting theories about this split), Nicollette Sheridan and Michael Bolton's second try at everlasting love did not work out. Evidently, the couple dated for a few years in the 1990s. Ahh the 90s, she was a on racy, hit network TV show and he was very popular niche performer and more or less universally reviled outside of said musical alcove. Things really change. While no reason was given for the breakup, though we can imagine both of them freaked out a little when they realized they weren't marrying John Tesh.

Yep, when Michael Bolton sings "When A Man Loves A Woman," it doesn't get any better than that, provided that you're basically deaf. We feel like the wheels came off of this symbiosis when they decided to do an album of duets. We're pretty sure that the album never materialized but that is a whole lot of ass potential. We’re not doubting that Nicollette Sheridan can sing a little bit but how frustrating is it for the pro in this situation? "No, that's fine. We'll do it again." It is an impossible situation for a relationship to survive. On that note did you hear that Paris Hilton is doing a duet album with her Madden, Benji Madden (per ContactMusic). Yes, weird. More on this '08 Bonnie & Clyde never.