Stop Sending E-mails You Regret

Stop Sending E-mails You Regret
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Google's Mail Goggles prevent e-mailing while intoxicated.

Google's test lab has created a filter for Gmail users in the habit of second-guessing the content of the e-mails they send late at night.

While exhaustion or too many glasses of wine may be sitting on one shoulder, all dressed in red with pitchfork in hand, urging you to e-mail your ex or tell your new date what kind of engagement ring you fantasize about, Google's "Mail Goggles" is the angel on your other shoulder telling you to slow down and think twice before hitting send. An alternative name could be G.A.D.E (Google Against Drunk E-mailing).

The system, when enabled, automatically prompts users writing messages late at night with a series of math questions (pictured) that must be solved correctly before sending. If you've ever said, "On second thought, I wish I hadn't sent (blank) to (blank)," here is your second thought.

Cell phone companies should jump on this idea and make Text Goggles for those who develop loose texting trigger fingers late at night.


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