Charlie Gets A Baby, Denise Gets The Ax

Charlie Gets A Baby, Denise Gets The Ax

Brooke Mueller & Charlie are pregnant. It's less complicated for Denise.

Wow, a big week in the on-going battle for public affection between Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards. Everyone is reporting that Chaz and (surprisingly only) third wife Brooke Mueller are expecting a baby, presumably sired by him and to borne by her, per The Blemish. The 2 have been married since late May 2008 and are clearly anxious to start a family. As you probably know, Sheen has a couple of little girls with ex-wife and ex-reality TV participant Denise Richards (more on that in a sec). While we don't know much about the soon to be 43-year old film and television star/ lady killer, we can imagine that he'd like his legacy to be more than his notoriety with ladies of the evening and his turn on Two And A Half Men.

That legacy translates either into another excellent, nuanced performance like Platoon, Eight Men Out, or Major League (best baseball comedy that's not Bull Durham). Or have this wife bear him a man-child. So, it's go out on a limb and stretch for a career-defining role or let the CBS checks keep rolling in and hope for a boy. Hmm. Is it too late to start sending him Carlos Estevez Jr. onesies?

For every divorce there is usually a person who looks like a human being and another person (the lawyers always win). We assumed the loser this time around was society in general for paying attention to these shenanigans but Denise Richards may still come out behind us. She may have gotten a sweet payday when her crazy ass and Charlie's kooky ass split (ew). But things are on a noticeable downswing for the Wild Things star. In addition to her show (It's Complicated) getting canned, according to PerezHilton, it appears that people like Old Charlie Sheen more plus he's moved on (possibly) and has new family forming as we speak. It's almost like she's the 1 to have dropped the N-bomb that 1 time. We're sure she'll rebound, VH1 or E! will have some project (maybe something with that Aubrey O'Day) for her if some rich dude isn't looking for a trophy wife. If the latter is the case, we suggest the Massey Prenup, it's airtight.