Guy & Madonna Renew Vows. Save Marriage.

Guy & Madonna Renew Vows. Save Marriage.

Renewed vows + success + Kabbalah = Saved Marriage.

There has been a lot of hubbub these past few weeks about Madonna and this Guy of hers (Guy Ritchie not Guy Oseary, they're doing good). First they were on the ropes, then A-Rod trotted into the picture, then Madonna's brother (Christopher Ciccone) came out with My Life With My Sister Madonna, and things appeared bleak. But everything started coming up Ritchie Family after that.

Guy's new flick RocknRolla got some critical love (it's out in the end of October stateside), Madonna is doing what she loves best (using theatrics to entertain people willing to shell out $150 for an obstructed view just to be in the same vicinity as her fabulous self), and, according toABCNews, the couple has renewed their vows.

We've always been a tad leery of renewed vows particularly for a couple that's been married for less than the a decade. But they have been married 7 and a half years, so some variety of an itch was probably inevitable. Not to mention that celebrity love operates on a timetable akin to dog years.

Any what, ABC mentions that renewing vows is a great step in healing relationship rifts and that this could be, might be the last time that we hear about any problems on this front from Madonna-Guy Ritchie. Solid. And guess which denomination put together this little vow renewal? That's right, the Kabbalah club of greater Los Angeles. So, all it takes to save a marriage is extreme person success, a second marriage, and a little Jewish mysticism. It's that easy, look in your rearview mirror; that's the 50% divorce rate you're driving away from.

And because we've been a crappy friend lately, enjoy the RocknRolla trailer. It looks watchable.