Man Told To Divorce 82 Of His Wives

Man Told To Divorce 82 Of His Wives

A Nigerian polygamist is in violation of Sharia and has to makes some cuts.

That is the harem of harems. A Nigerian fellow was recently ordered by religious authorities to divorce 82 of his 86 wives, per The man is 84-years old so the clerics possibly suspected some sort of numerology was in play. Mohammed Bello Abubakar is a retired teacher and preacher (not necessarily a preacher or a feature, though) and has said that the Koran never specifically forbids having more than 4 wives. We think he should probably check out the Sunnah, sometimes they sneak some good stuff out of that book.

It probably goes without saying, but parts of Nigeria are under Sharia (Islamic Law) and evidently clerics are well within their right to order death for having too many wives. How often since the edict came down do you think he's turned to his wives and cackled, "See, I told you that the 86 of you would be the death of me," and then fallen down laughing? At least every day, right? It would make an excellent YouTube Channel. On the real though, Abubakar says that God gave him the right to marry up 84 wives, so the religious types probably are not happy about that either.

On top of all of that, Abubakar has 170 kids and no job. That's right, no job. And he's an old school chap, so his ladies aren't permitted to work either. He refuses to explain how he feeds, cloths, and shelters 156 human beings. Maybe he works with Mr. Eko in some capacity. We're not defending ultra-polygamy, but aren't these women and their children going to be in even rougher shape when they get turned out? Nigeria is no Minnesota when it comes to welfare, na mean? We're very interested in seeing how this plays out, as is, we're sure, Warren Jeffs, who we're sure Abubakar would regard as a rank amateur if he ever became aware of his existence.