Pink's New Video

Pink's New Video

Ex-husband Carey Hart makes a fun cameo.

Anyone see Pink's new video? Yeah, the MTV really has been dropping the ball these past 20 years on the video front.

OK. Now that you have seen it what do you think? Is it weird to have a video about love, heartbreak, and growing apart featuring your recently divorced husband? We're guessing that their statements about being best friends still must apply or she's holding something over his head (figuratively or literally, it's a good motivator). Or Carey Hart has decided to pullout the stops to get her back, Milhouse once said "If I do whatever she says, she'll know how much I like her, then she's sure to respect me." It's a sound policy. Nice cameo by Jamie Kennedy in there too and a fun metaphor involving Pink's hair.While we're on the music video topic, what's up with these Jonas Brothers? It's like we were rocking out to "MMMbop" in 1996, fell asleep, woke up to these guys, and knew exactly where we were.What a relief. Anyone know which of these guys is dating Billy Ray Cyrus's daughter's frienemy Selena Gomez? And this Rihanna (you know, Chris Brown's girlf) has a video (and presumably a song) called "Disturbia." Which was the name of a movie with Shia LaBeouf, whom she was once tenuously and graspingly linked to. Sure, the video shares no thematic elements with the 2007 Rear Window-inspired film Disturbia but it does make us wonder.