When A Husband & Boyfriend Fight

When A Husband & Boyfriend Fight

An open marriage in Atlanta got a little ugly this weekend.

What tangled webs we disparage when we practice open marriage. A couple + 1 in Atlanta got in hot water over the weekend according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. The couple married couple, Carla Ramson and Tracy Lee, was practicing its marital duties while in the matrimonial bed. Carla's boyf (who happens to live with the couple) did not appreciate this lack of inclusiveness. So, Michael Reed took matters into his own hands (not literally, which he should have done that, self-love has defused many a domestic dispute) and rolled up on the bedroom. Dude,that's the nature of a situation like this, sometimes the husband gets to call dibs.

Lee and Reed squabbled and eventually Lee had a vase broken across his face and then tried to knife Reed. Both men received medical attention for their injuries and then earned a trip to the pokey. When the reporter followed up with Carla Ramson, she revealed that she had kicked both men out of the apartment. We imagine her quote went something like this, "Wow. I never imagined there being a problem with this situation. I was having a good time, just assumed everyone was cool. We should probably keep the tequila away from Michael from now on."

Another important set of details to mention is their ages Ramson, Lee, and Reed are 35, 25, and 21, respectively. Old girl is a Cougar. So, this story involves a cougar, a jealous lover, and an open marriage. Jackpot. You usually don't expect the boyfriend to freak out when the husband's doing his husband thing but those tight quarters and emotional roller coasters can make a man crazy. A heads up to Tango's Dan Eldridge and Jenny Block: best to avoid bringing home any of these 3 home, just in case this isn't an isolated incident.