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Playboy Recruits Wall St. Women

Playboy Recruits Wall St. Women

What's a Lehman lady or Bear Stearns babe to do when her job's gone south?

In a shocking revelation, Playboy thinks she should take her clothes off. The nude empire is currently recruiting women for a February 2009 spread (ha).

Playboy's photo editor says it's not money that gets women to disrobe, it's "the attention, the opportunity, the experience." Well, at least something's not about money these days...

Unemployment is not a requirement. In fact, the mag would rather have gainfully employed, senior-level ladies, if possible. Because getting naked for the wide world is as useful a technique as any when you're looking to gain and keep colleagues respect.

Wall Street woman were featured in the magazine 20 years ago, and this new spread will join the likes of the "Women of Home Depot," "Girls of Olive Garden," and "Women of Enron" features which came before them.

No word on whether or not is recruiting male financiers for its website. Speaking of male anatomy, The Frisky recently polled women with the question, "what would you do if you had a penis for a day?" Read the hilarious amusing here.

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