A Restraining Order Against Shaq

A Restraining Order Against Shaq

Was Shaquille O'Neal stalking Atlantan Alexis Miller?

First of all, that's going to have to be 1 powerful restraining order. Like lined with Kryptonite and carried by Karl Malone and The Rock. According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution a young lady from Atlanta has accused the Shaquille O'Neal of stalking her, making menacing threats, and breathing heavily. We're guessing that those 3 things are admirable on the basketball court but are sort of frowned upon in the regular world. The woman is a 23 year-old musician named Alexis Miller but goes by the handle "Maryjane" in the 'industry.'

The order is already in effect and prohibits Shaq from approaching within 200 yards of Alexis Miller or her 19-month old son. She claims that he has been a menace since they ended an "intimate relationship" last month. Shaq's due in a Georgia court in about 2 weeks. He'll probably have to use the Three's Company excuse, i.e. there was some kind of misunderstanding.

That this relationship has come to an end explains Shaunie O'Neal's recent comments about reconciliation in she and Shaq's foundering marriage. But that he is allegedly still in contact with this broad is not a good sign. If old Maryjane's not just looking for a little attention then this could end the Shaq as gregarious goof ball era.

Anyone out there know what sort of proof it takes to get a restraining order in Georgia? And what happens if someone they both show up at the same place? Who has to leave? We'd think the person who got there second if they both have a right to be there. Otherwise, the aggrieved party could really f*ck with the alleged menace and we'd like to think our legal system, despite all its flaws, would have a solution for that.