Video: How To Have Car Sex

car sex

The dudes over at Asylum posted a nice How Cast video on how to successfully have sex in a car. 

That was somewhat informative, right? Yeah, we thought it was a little vanilla and basic. Sure parking in a safe, legal area and reclining the passenger's seat to horizontal is a good rookie initiation but pretty basic. What about stopping the engine, foreplaying for 20 minutes to let the car cool, and then railing on the hood? And what about wearing a skirt and recreating that scene from the craptastic Charlie Sheen-Kristy Swanson vehicle The Chase? Some tips on making road head happen would be great (for both genders). And what about disposing of condoms or bodily fluids? And finally, what about the actual vehicle? How do you make it happen in a sports car and why do women think we're compensating for something just because we drive a Canary Yellow Corvette? This was a little like claiming to teach us about Pink Floyd and only letting us watch The Wall movie, How Cast. B-, gang.

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