McCains Prudish With The PDA

McCains Prudish With The PDA

The lack of sparks between John and Cindy suggests his one true passion is cutting taxes.

Huffington Post has rounded up a slideshow of Grandma and Grandpa...oops, I mean,  John McCain and his wife, Cindy...showing public displays of affection.   Compared to the Obamas, who sizzle and crackle with passion, the Republican couple could use a little, um, stimulation.

Just looking at the lack of sparks between John and Cindy, suggests the would-be president's one true passion is cutting taxes.  Little pecks on the cheek here, pats on the arm there, a couple tight-lipped smiles -- the McCains are downright prudish!

But I'm not trying to suggest anything particularly snotty or nasty here -- it might just be that PDA isn't common for John McCain's generation. My mom and dad are a decade younger than him and despite being married 30 years, I've seen them kiss maybe twice in my life.  This is the generation who grew up watching Lucy and Ricky sleep in twin beds on TV; neck-nuzzling in front of the press probably isn't their thing.

Or maybe John's just afraid if he gets too passionate with Cindy, he'll sprain another elbow or or a leg -- it seems like every other picture in this slideshow, she's wearing a cast.  Surely she could handle a gentle fist-bump, though?


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