Gwen Stefani's New Baby & Mel C's News

gwen stefani and gavin rossdale

Confirmed: Gwen and Gavin had a zuma & Sporty Spice is expecting.

Baby time for a couple of people coming to fame in the mid 90's. Gwen Stefani who earned her stripes walking in the spider webs with No Doubt has just had her second kid with former Bush frontman and husband Gavin Rossdale. And they decided to anchor this little shaver his own Sisyphean boulder with his name. Which, according to The Blemish, is Zuma Nesta Rock Rossdale. Yeah, chew on that little nugget of oddness. Their other boy, Kingston, has got to feel like he really dodged a bullet. Anyone remember that old SNL sketch in which Nicholas Cage picks apart every name that he and his wife are considering for their pending child, and ends each dissection with"and then they beat the crap out of you"? The sketch ends with the revelation that Cage's character's name is Asswipe (pronounced azz-we-pay). We're guessing that Zuma Nesta Rock Rossdale is going to see that sketch in 12 years and finally get the goof. That will be a good day in the Rossdale home, if he doesn't shoot everyone. To be fair to Gwen and Gavin, Zuma is a better name that Rod.

Hey now! Mel C AKA Sporty Spice is joining the rest of the Spice Girls in mumhood. According to BittenAndBound, the Melanie Chisholm and her boyf Thomas Starr have confirmed that they have a small person on the way that they expect to grow into a full-sized person in relatively short order. Can you believe that all of the Spice Girls have become mothers? We remember hearing Eminem say for the first time "I can't figure out which Spice Girl I want to impregnate," and sort of giggled and thought, "Sorry Slim Shady, no man's going to be able to tame these wild fillies particularly the thin bird with the armband tattoo, ya basehead." And we thought we were right as the 5 ladies out-maneuvered James Bond (Roger Moore) in that Spice World movie. But then the work slowed down and priorities changed. One of them went solo, another married that David Beckham, and one of them even got knocked up by Eddie Murphy. Strange days. Anyone know what the stage is between Spice Girl and Golden Girl, because that's the era were entering. We can't wait for Posh to come out with a line of Mom Jeans.

Funny note: Cage actually named his kid: Kal-El Coppola Cage. Meaning that his kid's first and last name are super hero-related. Good luck living up to that.