The Brinkley - Cook Divorce Won't End

The Brinkley - Cook Divorce Won't End

Restraining orders and 20/20 interviews are now being involved.

You remember when that architect had sex with his 18-year old office assistance instead of his supermodel wife? And then she was really mad. And we found out that he was into web porn and trolling the length and breadth of the interwebs for sex partners? And then they got a divorce and we thought it was all over?

Well, prepare for another round of hubbub about Peter Cook and Diana Bianchi's affair, the hush money, and his subsequent divorce from Christie Brinkley. Old duder has himself a date with lovely Barbara Walters on 20/20 (hindsight?) to explain his end of the deal according to NewsDay. That's set to air tomorrow night (Friday October 10th) because, apparently, 20/20 airs on Fridays. He's going to talk about how he no longer had an emotional connection to Christie Brinkley and how they were more like siblings than spouses as the marriage progressed. He also claimed not to get enough due for all the stuff he did. And how he'd always look the other way when she used the Ferrari to seduce some Clark Griswold on a cross-country Vacation.

And Christie Brinkley, for her part, is no more pleased with post-divorce Peter Cook as she was with pre-divorce / post-affair Peter Cook. Per the New York Post, she has filed a restraining order against Cook and has asked a judge for a post-judgment relief (we assume it's the equivalent of saying "psych" in regard to their settlement). The pair is due back in court October 29th. The original settlement gave him a lump sum of cash and allowed her to retain control of several of their Long Island properties. The lesson, as always, is not to f*ck with someone that trains with Chuck Norris.

What about third corner of this love triangle? We have seriously no idea what Diana Bianchi is up to these days. Ideally it won't involve extra-marital affairs or hush money. Speaking of which, how is hush money taxed? Is it capital gains? Is it ordinary income? Does the gift tax come into play? Did anyone even listen to our idea to team her up with Ashley Dupree for a reality show set in the San Fernando Valley? Enjoy Jeff Foxworthy and LeAnn Rhimes as Chuck and Christie (We give it a C+):