Blogger Crush: Girl With A One-Track Mind

Blogger Crush: Girl With A One-Track Mind

Blog: Girl With A One-Track Mind
Blogger: Zoe Margolis
LoveStage: Single and Looking
Hometown: London
Occupation: Writer

Started in 2004 as a way to anonymously write about her sex life and feminist views, Girl With A One-Track Mind has become much more. Writer Zoe Margolis "set out to show that it was OK for a woman to express her desire, rather than attempt to be the object of desire." Women and men were into her message (and her sexy posts), and she was soon receiving thousands of daily pageviews.

In 2006 Margolis published a book based on her blog under the pen name Abby Lee. But curious minds would not let her anonymity alone, and a few days after the book came out The Sunday Times outed Margolis as the blog's author.

You're forgiven if you've never heard of Margolis, her star is bright in the UK (she hails from London) but she's just beginning to rise on this side of the Atlantic. Her book came out stateside last year, and Margolis has recently moved to New York.

Although Margolis no longer pens exposes about masturbation and graphic descriptions of cunnilingus, her blog is still a delightful read. These days she writes about the consequences of being a formerly anonymous sex blogger, her life, love and otherwise (sans the sticky details), and comments on politics and internet culture.

Zoe Margolis, Love Buzz welcomes you to New York, and hopes that you feel the blogger (and certain other types of) love.

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