Bill Murray Broken Up About Divorce

Bill Murray Broken Up About Divorce

The actor opens up about divorce from Jennifer Butler Murray.

According to Hot Momma Gossip the greatest comedian (comedic actor, whatever) of the last 30 years is pretty upset about his divorce. Bill Murray and wife Jennifer Butler Murray decided to call it quits last May after 11 years of marriage. Allegedly he was a handful with the booze and the pot and the verbal abuse.

But Murray is a consummate pro and had press to do for the forthcoming film City Of Ember. And he answered questions about his life honestly and without lashing out at his ex. He talked about losing trust and all hurt that goes along with it. But actually seemed like he was looking forward to getting back to the promotional stuff and out of semi-retirement to keep his mind off of sad stuff and pass the time a little more quickly.

We just hope he doesn't plan on making another Broken Flowers during his blue phase. Forget it, as long as he doesn't do something crazy like agree to Ghostbusters III without seeing a script we'll all be fine. Or another Charlie's Angels. Sticking with Wes Anderson and the Wilson brothers is probably a good idea; he really puts the Zissou in Team Zissou.

At least he's rich, successful, and more-or-less universally respected in his field, so he's got that going for him. And he has to be very popular with the middle-aged ladies, which is nice. And on his deathbed, before he dies, he'll probably receive total consciousness, goonga-goonga-galoonga.