The Best Dating Show Ever

The Best Dating Show Ever
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12 Corazones on Telemundo cuts to the chase: the first kiss.

Full disclosure: I'm nowhere near proficient in Spanish.

But, that doesn't make watching Telemundo's 12 Corazones (12 Hearts) any less enjoyable. When you take astrology, waaaay above-the-knee hemlines, make-out sessions with virtual strangers and mix them together on television, how could you go wrong?

Based on an Argentinian dating show of the same name, the US version features a spunky hostess, Penelope, who holds court when the frisky participants get out of hand. Her sidekick, named Edward'O, provides astrological insight to the love-seeking contestants, who wear tags denoting their astrological signs in lieu of names.

The show goes something like this: 12 male and female contestants enter the competition (hence the "12 Hearts"), one for each Zodiac sign, and various challenges are completed, generally involving dancing, singing, answering questions or kissing. Then the field is narrowed down to three couples who, upon learning of their match to one another, invariably meet and make out in the middle of the game show set. Audience members then vote for their favorite couple, the results are revealed and the winning duo make out again!

Knowing that locking lips can be a deal breaker or maker, how brilliant is a dating game show that skips all the first-date awkwardness and skips straight to the good-night kiss? Bravo's Date My Ex, by comparison, has presented a slew of suitors before Jo with but one actual (the Ukrainian) and one attempted kiss (David, ouch). I may not understand it all, but I'd say pre-evening news programming is a lot more fun with the likes of 12 Corazones on the air.


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