News Of The Naked

News of the Naked
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A swinging TV reporter, naked parade and teen streakers.

Our friends over at Scanner had a bunch of stories involving nudity yesterday, and we gladly point them out to you today.

First, they told us about Las Vegas TV reporter Jeff Gradey, who was fired from his job at the Vegas ABC affiliate after management saw a Craig's List ad from him and his girlfriend soliciting "a hot, nasty girl who needs to cum."  Scanner says that Gradey didn't get fired for posting the threesome ad; he was drop-kicked because the post included a picture of two people having sex.

Scanner wonders, "So what if the guy put up a teeny, tiny pic of himself, even if he is having sex in the photo? Because he's a news reporter, it's an automatic "no no"? And who's this person who narc'd on him?" Good questions, especially for a city as, ahem, liberal as Las Vegas, but (perhaps surprisingly?) Love Buzz doesn't think it's that simple. Sure, private life is personal, and as long as you're not hitting up co-workers for a little lunchtime supply-closet action your sexual proclivities shouldn't impact your job performance. But when you're a public figure who represents a business you gotta know that posting naked pics of you banging your girlfriend on the web is gonna raise some eyebrows. On the other hand, this is Vegas. ABC could have capitalized on the situation and turned Gradley into their swingers and sex party reporter. Or at least let ratings rise as viewers tuned in to ogle this sexually adventurous reporter.

Scanner's got some other good, naked tidbits (with pics!) as well: New Zealand porn producer and mayoral candidate Steve Crow staged a parade complete with naked film stars. Crow reassured reporters that he would tell the women "to keep the jiggling to a minimum and not to do anything that would be deemed offensive."

And finally, Scanner reports that a high school party in New Hampshire got out of control and ended with teenagers running naked through the streets.

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