Like McAdams Loves Gosling

ryan gosling and rachel mcadams
Buzz, Heartbreak

Have Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling reunited?

According to Hollyscoop Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling might be back onsies. The Canadian-born actors are best known for his lead roles opposite each other in The Notebook (we suppose that's true). The couple split up back in late 2007 and forced us to place our cute couple hopes into the shaky hands of Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal. But now that there is evidence (inside sources and eye witnesses, the usual rabble) that they may be getting back together we can backburner those dudes.

In reference to their inexplicable (and unexplained) breakup Ryan Gosling was quoted as saying, "The only thing I remember is we both went down swingin' and we called it a draw." Despite being quite vague, that's a pretty good non-answer. We're guessing the real answer is a lot less exciting. Maybe their schedules had too many conflicts, maybe their reps thought they would be more compelling to audiences as singletons, maybe they just wanted to see other famous people naked (and directly above, below, or behind them). Who knows anymore? We're just amped that these 2 crazy Canucks are possibly giving it another go. Seriously, if 2 attractive, congenial, mild-tempered Canadians can't make it then what chance do strange-looking, bossy, bi-polar Americans have (like that Howard Stern guy and his fiancee Beth Ostrosky). We can only hope (and pray) that this isn't 1 of those last hurrahs before a permanent and irreversible break.

Why do these 2 seem like a way better fit than Owen Wilson and Kate Hudson? Or is that just us?