Blogger Crush: BitchBuzz

Blogger Crush: BitchBuzz

Blog: BitchBuzz

The BitchBuzz Manifesto states, "We knit, we bake, we fuck and we blog." And they do just that, and then tell us all about it.

Smart and sassy, the ladies of BitchBuzz make it clear that they are not feministing politicos, but no-nonsense independents who are not averse to indulging in a bit of domesticity.

The dictionary describes feminism as "the belief in the social, political, and economic equality of the sexes" and that's a belief that we can totally get behind. 

That's not to say they don't know how to have a little fun, these women add just the right amount of side humor to an informational meal.  While doling out recipes, commenting on new gadgets and opining on current events, they do find some time for a bit of snark.

Take their feature Dick of the Week, which shines a "spotlight on the ludicrous, ridiculous, cruel, or otherwise politically incorrect actions of jerks in the news." Charlie Sheen got the pleasure of being the very first BitchBuzz Dick for paying in all nickels; the Spanish Olympic Basketball teams took it the next week for endearing themselves to the Chinese by taking "slit-eye" team photos.

These women seem to have everything covered, from the geek to the chic. The posts are organized under the headings News, Life, Style, Tech, Sex, Home, and Culture. Finally! A source where I can look up a recipe for risotto and read up on reproductive rights in Colombia! We can't wait to see how wildly awesome this fledgling blog grows to be.

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