Britney Spears Is Crafty And Owes Money

britney spears

Britney Spears owes some legal fees but her dad says she's "cunning."

The BBC is reporting that young Britney Spears is going to have to cut back on the French bread pizza and start putting that swear jar money toward her legal fees (aw fiddlesticks, ya'll). Apparently, she has 2 massive legal bills outstanding including $60,000 to Laura Wasser for 2 months of work and $400,000 to Stacy Philips (crud cookies, ya'll). That figure does not include the additional $250k that she agreed to pay for K-Fed (dad gumm that mickey fickey, ya'll). In total, Spears has roughly 3 quarters of a million dollars outstanding legal in addition to the reportedly more than $1.7 million that she already paid out. That kind of coin can buy a lot of Hot Pockets, ya'll. She should just tell them that the check is on the way and not pick up her phone for a couple of months.

In addition to purchasing Jaguars and in-ground pools for several Los Angeles-area lawyers, Britney keeps her dad, Jamie, on his toes. According to Entertainmentwise, the pop star calls her dad up to 50 times a day to chat and cajole. He's got control of her purse strings and evidently needs a little encouraging to splurge. Evidently, he's a softy for the "daddy-daddy" treatment. We would imagine that Britney is still a big enough star that people would just give her most things especially if she called them 50 times (legal counsel withstanding). Though she could stray into dangerous territory reminiscent of that OK! Magazine shoot last summer.

Any who, Jamie Spears (not to be confused with Jamie Lynn Spears) on to say "Kevin (Federline) has a wonderful heart. He wants them to raise these kids together." Uh, these people clearly do not speak in absolutes. We wonder if K-Fed had any idea that his legal team was going to do such a good job or that his situation with the kids was going to be so one-sided. Thoughts? We're just enjoying the comeback era. Check out Britney with Russel Brand. That's almost tolerable!