Sanya Richards' Bronze Lining

Sanya Richards' Bronze Lining

Sanya Richards has a prize better than Gold.

Damn, dude. The US Track & Field team cannot seem to get it going. First Tyson Gay falls apart in the 100 M, though no one may be able to touch that Bolt guy. Then Lolo Jones finally met a hurdle she didn't like (in the 100 M Hurdles) and displayed her devastation on the track after finishing. And Sanya Richards had a huge lead in the 400 M (a lap around the track) but tweaked her hammy and staggered to a Bronze finish. Following Tuesday's events the US Olympic track squad had a disappointing total of 3 Golds in Track & Field. We need another Michael Phelps, America.

Sanya Richards stated that she was "more than snakebit" by the experience per ESPN. The Worldwide Leader In Sports also discussed what Richards has had to go through to get to this point. She had an immune system disease called Behcet's that left her with lesions and sores on her body and in her mouth last year. But, she worked hard and persevered. And even got engaged, check out NBC's video.

For those of you who aren't football fans, that nice guy she got engaged to is New York Giant Aaron Ross. You may know Aaron Ross as the starting corner of the defending Super Bowl champions, but a year before that he was a football stud at the University of Texas (hook 'em, Horns), where he and Sanya met. He earned the Thorpe Award for best defensive back and a National Title while in college.

It's kind of incredible when 2 spectacular athletes get together. Everyone's always like, "Dude, can you imagine what their kids are going to be like?" Possibly hyper-competitive and possibly spoiled. But before you even get that far, the real question is; how do they make it work? Primetime athletics (particularly individual sports like sprinting or an individualistic football position like corner) are grueling physically and mentally.

A lot of big time athletes have too much going on to 'sacrifice' their downtime to support someone else in such an engaging occupation, particularly when they're as young as Aaron (25) and Sanya (23). Young enough for another run at the Gold in the 2012 London Games. Judging by ESPN's Sweat Spot video (below), they've figured a few things out. The couple that sweats together gets together?