Holly Madison: Out Of The Mansion

Holly Madison: Out Of The Mansion

Hugh Hefner has one less of the Girls Next Door to paw at.

According to The Blemish, Holly Madison, one-time Hugh Hefner fiancée, is out of the Playboy Mansion and presumably no longer one of the Girls Next Door. This has been a long time coming as rumors of her spending less time with the Hef grew and Criss Angel's name got thrown around more and more. Through all of it, Hefner denied there was any rift but hinted that change was inevitable, even for him. And Holly Madison didn’t bite the hand that fed her/ made her famous/ housed her/ shared Viagra-fueled good times with her. She denied the whole breakup on her MySpace page.

But now the whole thing probably has unraveled, she told some photogs that she had no pull to get them into a Playboy party and she will reportedly not be joining Kendra Wilkinson and Bridget Marquardt for the forthcoming season of Girls Next Door. While we've never actually watched Girls Next Door, technically, we have the feeling that a number of the models (we're not sure what you call them anymore) would be perfectly acceptable substitutions. In fact, hasn't that more or less been the Playboy model? Hef gets older, but they stay the same age, alright alright?

Granted, no one should feel intimidated into dating Hugh Hefner for the rest of her life but there aren't that many opportunities to be the next Pamela Anderson or Carmen Elektra, if that's something to aspire to. But a lot of ladies will probably make a showing in Playboy and/or date Criss Angel.