Morning News Feed: Tuesday, October 7

Morning News Feed: Tuesday, October 7

The secret to a happy marriage and the new sex tourism.

Your daily round-up of sex, love dating and relationship news.

One reason John McCain received so much flak for his "Obama wants to teach sex-ed to kindergarteners" ad was because a huge majority of parents support sex ed for students.  Alternet.

Speaking of education, a new law in Rhode Island requires schools to teach seventh- through 12th-graders about domestic violence. AP.

Perhaps the curriculum will include information about why people stay in an abusive relationship: they were raised  in houses where violence was normal, their afaid of the stigma of divorce or they don't have enough money to leave. Indy Star.

If you don't need to worry about violence in the home and want to ensure a happy marriage, perhaps you should try avoiding romance. Telegraph.

Or, try four hugs a day. Times of India.

Still stuck? Here are some tips on how to be the perfect couple.

But maybe you've tried everything and your marriage has failed. Good news! The divorce diet is here: as one of life's most stressful events, divorce makes people shed pounds quickly. Dallas Morning News.

So now you're unmarried and skinny but you don't have anyone to schtupp. If you're into illegal intercourse head over to Texas, where the sex tourism industry is growing. ABC News.

Seriously, vacation sex really spices things up. Times of India.

Wait, what? You don't want to travel to a foreign country for sex? If you're older, don't worry, the over-50 set is out there dating, so you can probably find someone to hump and, if you must, to love. Press of Atlantic City.

And if you're Christian, it's OK to have sex. Columbia Spectator.

But dater beware: don't be a married man magnet. Jamaica Gleaner.