Jessica and Justin Engaged… Again.

Jessica and Justin Engaged… Again.
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Timberlake finally proposes- or so they say.

When in Rome, Justin Timberlake, 27, reportedly proposed to Jessica Biel, 26, while visiting Italy for the wedding of her former 7th Heaven co-star Beverly Mitchell to accountant and long-time boyfriend, Michael Cameron.

But seriously, how many times have we heard that Justin popped the question to Jessica? Probably as many times as he's gotten down on one knee. Between shoe-tying and yoga (he dabbled with former girlfriend of almost four years, Cameron Diaz), we'd be hard-pressed to make an accurate estimate.

While it's a shame we're all too bored by rumors of the engagement to actually care about the real deal, there’s no need to begin crying any rivers. Justin bought Jess a pricey vintage diamond ring (multi-carat, of course) and a diamond encrusted bracelet, both reportedly bought from a jewelry store named Nicola Boncompagni in Rome, according to People.

The couple moved in together to Justin's Hollywood home over the summer, and the two have been reportedly apartment hunting in NYC’s Chelsea, according to the New York Post.  They've been dating for almost two years- one year less than the groom-to-be dated Britney Spears. Speaking of the old flame, they'll be reuniting to record a duet for Britney's new album, due out by the end of this year, according to the UK's Daily Telegraph.

Maybe Britney will be singing at her ex's wedding- that is, if the bride-to-be's new album –recently reported by Star magazine- fails to make the charts?


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