Howard Stern Gets Married

Howard Stern Gets Married

The radio personality married longtime lady Beth Ostrosky in Long Island.

OK then. It looks like the King of Some Media made this wedding thing happen. Howard Stern and fiancée Beth Ostrosky got hitched this weekend out in Long Island according to Starpulse. Long Island stalwarts Joan Rivers and Billy Joel were in attendance. And the highlight of the event was a raunchy toast/roast delivered by Chevy Chase (we're glad people are still giving him a chance, we've got to stop beating him about his talk show eventually). A minor seating chart snag occurred when both Jimmy Kimmel and his off-again, off-again girlf Sarah Silverman both showed up.

We reported a while back that Kelly Ripa's husband Mark Consuelos was set to officiate the nuptials and it looked like that went off without a hitch. We suppose a guy like Howard Stern probably knows just about every celebrity but this wedding seemed particularly star-studded. Yep, high school with money but in Long Island??.

The newlywed Stern once had grave reservations about getting married a second time and really seemed like he was trying to stay engaged indefinitely. Try as you may, eventually you have go number 2 or stand up, it appears there's no third direction. What do you think it would be like to be married to Howard Stern? Lots of laughs, very little privacy, and nice gifts when lines get crossed sounds about right.