Morning News Feed: Monday, October 6

Morning News Feed: Monday, October 6

Violent wives and cat-loving men.

A couple has agreed to get a divorce after the wife stabbed the husband in the chest. Gulf Daily News.

Women prefer smart men for one night stands and long-term relationships, and are good judges of intelligence, according to a new study.  ABC News.

British married life is more serene than American wedded bliss, according to a new eHarmoney study. Reuters.

Women's sex drives go down when they're in a long term relationships, and continue to decline as they stay with their man, according to research published in the journal Human Nature. The Standard.

An Arkansas 75-year-old woman shot and killed her 74-year-old husband because he wanted sex and was abusive.

Working out with your partner is good for your relationship. The Olympian.

Single men love cats! NY Times.