Gisele & Tom Brady To Wed?

Gisele & Tom Brady To Wed?
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The gossipers have the Patriots QB and the supermodel get married soon.

And that's the way they became the Brady-Bundch. The Brady-Bundch, bum pah dum pump. According to Perez Hilton, there may be wedding bells in the near future for New England Patriots Quarterback Tom Brady and his lady, Princess Gisele Bundchen.

It would only reasonable for Brady to fill his time with wedding bell and all that rot as he'll be missing the remainder of the season with an injured knee. Lots of trouble a guy can get into with only sitting around, having surgery, and rehab to look forward to. Sometimes that trouble comes in the form of a 5'11" Brazilian model who is rumored to be worth $150 million.

Patriots fans are a little uneasy that he's spending so much time in New York, Bundchen's home base. And are probably not thrilled that he's supposedly bro-ing it up with A-Rod (per Gothamist). Sure, the rumors probably aren't true but it's interesting that they come on the heels of the Tony Romo and Jessica Simpson are getting engaged soon legend. We suppose that if you can’t compete with the next best quarterback on the field, you might as well figure out some way to up the stakes.

Giselle has pointed out, on a number of occasions, that she and Tom Brady are not the Beckhams of the Americas. Which is true. The Brady-Bundch has better taste, fewer kids, and have totally non-annoying voices. Also, if you've got a quick second weigh in on which nickname for Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen you prefer: the Brady Bundch or Brundch Plans. If you've got a 3rd direction you'd like to go, we're all ears.