Aniston Ain't Lovin For Tracks

Aniston Ain't Lovin For Tracks

Has the media gone too far with the Friends star?

Well well well, it looks like someone out there thinks Jennifer Aniston's love life, the fetes and the foibles, is just for publicity. Though we haven't heard this rumor, it looks like someone told Jennifer Aniston that. And, according to The Daily Star, she says it's simply not true. She's just like the rest of us. In an impassioned bit of speechifying that we haven't seen since Friends season 5 when one of the friends had a career, family, or relationship crisis, JA announced that accusations like that were "below the belt" (a boxing reference meaning illegal, ungentlemanly, and unsportsmanlike, remember the Marquis of Queensbury rules, gang).

Generally, we'd say we say that we think the lady doth protest too much (particularly since we haven't heard anyone accuse her of exploiting her love life any more than any other famous person) but we're pretty sure that she doesn't need A) the money or B) the increased scrutiny/exposure. In addition to the Friends dough, she's sitting on a whole lot of Coke money (from the sale of Vitamin Water to Coca Cola). And as far as fame goes, she's been married to Brad Pitt and dated some of Tonsil [sic] Town's most famous actors. Wait, that's not the point we were going for. She was on one of her generation's most successful sitcoms. She's been in some movies. We watch Office Space a handful of times a year and almost always say, "Yup, that's Jennifer Aniston alright."

She is clearly not f*ckin' for tracks (something producer Dallas Austin accused Christina Aguilera and Joss Stone of doing) but also doesn't seem to make a huge effort to keep things private. It’s sort of an unspoken contract between stars, the paps, and the public in general. You don't try too hard to keep secrets, the media won't intrude too much, and the fans will continue to buy whatever it is you have to sell.