More From Jennifer & John?

More From Jennifer & John?
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More John Mayer and Jennifer Aniston breakup intrigue.

Jeepers creepers. No one knows when it's time to letting sleeping dogs lie, do they? OK, so you know how Jennifer Aniston was totally into John Mayer (honestly, who among us hasn't been there?) and then things went south? Great. You're most of the way there. While there is all matter of conjecture about what caused the split (some gossip hounds think that the twin billing courtesy of Angelina Jolie was partly to blame), there even appears to be some dissenting opinions over who dumped whom. MSNBC has an article suggesting that it was Jennifer Aniston distributing the Heisman to John Mayer rather than the opposite as previously thought.

The Scoop's 'inside source' says, "(Mayer's) childish behavior only confirms she was right to dump him. Now he's acting like a spoiled child. Expect Jen to behave like a lady." Obviously, this comes in reference to John Mayer's impromptu (or was it de facto? Either way, fait accompli.) post-breakup press conference. See TMZ vid.

Uh, so we're not sure what the 'inside source' saw, but it sort of seems like the paps were all up on John Mayer's balls and he just wanted to say 1 thing and settle this whole business. He didn't get shitty or anything. Hmm. Maybe talking at all was part of the problem. More crazy talk on MSNBC, if you care to check it out.

Not to belabor the point (hey, too late) and not to sound like a Mayer-apologist but what about this guy bothers people so much? He's a touch smarmy, but that can't be it, many stars are far smarmier. Is it his ubiquity? Is it the standup stuff? Is it the blog? Sure, he likes attention but who among us doesn't? Seth Rogen has a few of these traits going for him and people seem to love that dude pretty unreservedly. It may forever remain a mystery. Any thoughts out there, web?