Morning News Feed: Friday, October 3

Morning News Feed: Friday, October 3

Bristol Palin's wedding plans, a "fleeting" penis and cheating dreams.

Your morning round-up of love, sex, dating and relationship news.

A house divided, literally: a divorcing Cambodian couple resoved the who gets what debate by splitting their house in half. (IOL.) Amazing picture here.

A Florida man shot himself after his girlfriend refused to have sex with him. AP.

According to a study, 66% of South Africans orgasm during sex, while only 24% of Chinese people do. Also (shocking news ahead) foreplay make a woman's climaxes better. Fox News.

"Fumbling Man-Children" explained: Women hesitate to date men who are more attractive than they are, but shlubby men have no problem dating hotter women, says a new study.

Warning: Vegas marriages are legit. A Texas has been charged with bigamy for marrying his girlfriend before divorcing his wife. The dude said he thought a Sin City ceremony wouldn't be a real marriage.

Bristol Palin might get married this summer. AP.

A contestant on CBS's Survivor accidentally flashed his penis on TV. A parents group is angry; CBS says the dong shot was "fleeting."

Australian couples are increasingly living together before marriage and are getting married older, but the marriage rate is increasing. The Age.

Seventy-five percent of people have dreams where their partner is cheating on them.