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Spending $ on Sex

atm cash

How much do you spend on your pursuit of a good time?

Nookie? It's gonna cost you. But whether that cost is in the form of condoms, taxi rides, or that wonderful social lubricant known as Pabst Blue Ribbon is up to you. asked nine people to track their sex-related budgets for one month and the results range from 0$ to hundreds of dollars per week.

The costs are what you'd expect: a lot of food, a lot of alcohol, a lot of text messages. An engaged couple surprised us by spending $73.43 on "a longer whip and nipple clamps," while a young gay man spent $20 on Valium before a date. An epic amount of money is spent on hotel rooms, online dating (from LavaLife to and one young woman spends $239 on laser-hail removal!

Damn, I'm downright thrifty compared to these people! The last time I hooked up with a guy, it "cost" me a grand total of $4 in subway fare: our date-activity was a free public event and he paid for the beer and ice cream afterward. Happy recession, everybody!


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