Morning News Feed: Thursday, October 2

Morning News Feed: Thursday, October 2

Supermarket dating, a pimp running for governor and eloping for Obama.

Your morning round-up of love, sex, dating and relationship news.

The world's fattest man is getting married next month. USA Today.

Extramarital affairs can kill you! The stress can lead to a migraine, which can cause an aneurysm. Express India.

Singles in Israel are looking for mates in supermarkets.  The Jerusalem Post.

School officials in Van Zandt, Texas have banned three high school baton twirlers from performing at upcoming events because their routine to Katy Perry's "I Kissed A Girl" violated the school's code of conduct. Lemondrop.

Atlanta's embattled XXX video store, the Love Shack, is finally shutting down.

A church in Portland wants couples to "elope for Obama." The church will donate all October wedding proceeds to the Senator's presidential campaign. PR Web.

A Cincinatti lawyer says that some couples can't afford to divorce. Did he read Tango's piece "Is Divorce Becoming a Luxury?"

A dude who made $30,000 a night off 1,300 prostitutes employed in illegal brothels is running for governor of Bangkok. AP.

Study: Men prefer internet surfing to sex. BizReport.

Violet Blue on why women like having sex with machines. SFGate.

Yesterday's news: break up compensation cash, fire in a sex shop and gendered debating styles.