Less Money Equals More Sex?

Less Money = More Sex?
Heartbreak, Self

Recession roundup: sex, money, addiction and breakup.

If you came to Love Buzz hoping for a respite from the financial doom and gloom of the day, stop reading now. We can't get the market's dire state out of our minds either.

So, in light (in heavy, really) of this, here's a Recession Roundup for you.

The Alpha Consumer reports that one in five adult Americans admits to drinking more, 17 percent say they are smoking more, and 19 percent report increased sexual activity since the economy's taken a turn for the worse. And, move over crack, booze and babies: Lemondrop is crowning sex this season's hottest celeb addiction. It is, presumably, cheaper than the other three, after all.

Buzzfeed reports that Tennessee parents who've faulted on child support payments for three or more months could have recreational and professional licenses revoked until they pay up. That extends to drivers, nurses, teachers, realtors, hunters and fishermen. We wonder if the same could apply to the blokes who watched Wall Street package and sell worthless loans. Oh, that's right, they have personal drivers and chefs to do all that dirty, license-required work for them anyway.

Finally, via Smitten, the tale of a clever but now likely prohibitively expensive breakup gift: an iPod. The writer mourned her decision to the end the relationship for weeks until reuniting with her ex at a restaurant where he presented her the 'pod, complete with "You've Made A Terrible Mistake" inscribed on the back. And that was the "crazy, but hilarious" final nail in that breakup coffin.